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Endless miles of open highway . . . long stretches when the only vehicle you see is the one you’re driving. The scenery is interesting, it may even be spectacular – for an hour – and then the tedium sets in.

The mileposts flash by but it doesn’t feel like you’re getting closer to your destination. You need a restroom and there isn’t a town, a rest area or even a tree in sight.Your legs are cramping and the music on your iPod is boring. Of course, this doesn’t really matter because your traveling companion’s snores have been drowning it out for the past 100 miles.

Photo: mamamusings on flickr

Photo: mamamusings on flickr

But wait, what’s that sign?

Is there hope?

Could it be?

Restrooms . . .cold drinks . . ice cream?

Even smack in the middle of nowhere, savvy entrepreneurs and communities who pay attention to the needs of visitors can succeed.

Wall Drug began in the 1930s and it remains an iconic pit stop. A place to use the restroom, refill the gas tank, get something to eat and drink and spend a little time (and money).

Sometimes it’s as simple as identifying a need and inviting people to let you serve them. What are the opportunities for your town? Maybe you aren’t the primary destination, but can you be the most outstanding pit stop along the way?

ABSOLUTELY – what are you waiting for?

Featured image: kyle taylor on flickr