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Vicky established Cygnet Strategies in 2010to work with destinations tired of watching their events wither, independent businesses close, and visitor numbers decline. She partners with communities who refuse to settle for the erosion of their sense of place or losing the qualities that make their towns special. She gets plans off the shelf and into action, successfully bringing divergent opinions and agendas together.

When faced with events that are dying or have outgrown their capacity, communities work with Vicky and her team to understand economic impact and find ways to revitalize or change direction. When a community is stalled during a plan implementation process or simply needs new perspective on creative placemaking, she brings enthusiasm, creativity and compassion to every stage of the process.

With more than 30 years of experience, Vicky understands what it takes to successfully recover from the impacts of gradual deterioration, economic downturns or shifts in experience preferences. She is a passionate, committed professional who works with communities to become more resilient as they effectively build a place to attract new businesses and retain existing ones; a place where tourism increases and visitors stay longer; a place residents are proud to call home.