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Charrettes and Public Process Facilitation

Change, even agreeing upon what kind of change is needed, can be a difficult process for many communities. Sometimes, just getting the various groups to sit down and listen to one another seems to be an insurmountable challenge. We can help you get the conversation moving forward by identifying primary stakeholders, soliciting and utilizing public input, defining an effective outcome and facilitating the process to achieve your goals.

You may be struggling with the emotional and economic impacts of a disaster or maybe you’re ready to develop a sustainable tourism master plan. Both are complex processes necessitating a significant level of public participation. We are highly skilled at adapting the urban planning charrette process to meet the needs of communities as they establish a brand, consider product development, identify new directions and rebuild sense of place

iStock_000005366886XSmall-e1346882443724The charrette process incorporates significant community involvement and several feedback loops, establishing a more transparent and interactive approach that has been enthusiastically embraced by clients and residents. The result – less community resistance to change and a higher level of interest and participation in assuring successful implementation.


  • Charrette Manager (National Charrette Institute)
  • Charrette Facilitator (National Charrette Institute)