We help communities work with their strengths and challenges to define their sense of place and clarify their identity. The result: a solid foundation for improving quality of life, enhancing the visitor experience and building a richer, more resilient tourism product.


We’re committed to your success and won’t disappear after the final deliverable. On-going phone and email support are built into every project and if you need us to reignite enthusiasm, work through challenges, or adapt to changing conditions—we’re there for you.

We Love
Small Towns

Founder Vicky Soderberg grew up in small towns and is based in a small town. She understands how small towns work, why they work and the inherent challenges. Vicky and her team believe in the power of small towns to be remarkable, resilient destinations.

Vicky Soderberg

Vicky Soderberg
With more than 30 years in the industry, a degree in geotourism and a master’s level education in tourism planning, Vicky understands your challenges and works with destinations to create realistic, sustainable solutions.
Utilizing a variety of strategic partners, she gathers the strongest expertise for each project. Whether assessing communities and events, working with local residents, mapping sense of place, performing an economic impact analysis or assisting with hands-on implementation, the Cygnet Strategies team is a dynamic advocate for your destination and its future success.

Our Office

Cygnet Strategies Office

Why is our name Cygnet Strategies?

Vicky’s maiden name is Schwan — the German word for swan — and a cygnet is a baby swan.
Cygnets are often ignored and considered ugly ducklings due to their coloring and shape when young.
The good news is it doesn’t take long for a bland, gawky cygnet to grow into a beautiful, elegant swan.
That’s our vision for the events and destinations we work with — helping them evolve into remarkable, resilient swans.

Bring out the best in your destination and implement your vision.